SITC Annual Meeting 2021

November 10-14, 2021 | Washington, D.C.
Treatment Outcomes With Unselected Autologous Tumor‑Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Patients With Checkpoint Inhibition–Refractory Advanced Cutaneous Melanoma 
Robert E. Hawkins, Yizhou Jiang, Paul C. Lorigan, Fiona C. Thistlethwaite, Manon Pillai, Martine Thomas, Natalia Kirillova, John S. Bridgeman, Gray Kueberuwa, Ryan D. Guest, and Zachary J. Roberts
DELTA‑1: A Global, Multicenter, Phase 2 Study of ITIL‑168, an Unrestricted Autologous Tumor‑ Infiltrating Lymphocyte Cell Therapy, in Adult Patients With Advanced Cutaneous Melanoma

Brian Gastman, Omid Hamid, Pippa Corrie, Geoffrey T. Gibney, Gregory A. Daniels, Bartosz Chmielowski,
Sajeve S. Thomas, Evidio Domingo‑Musibay, Donald P. Lawrence, Yizhou Jiang, Audrey Kennedy, Jeff Aycock, Rubén Alvarez-Rodríguez, Paul B. Robbins, John Le Gall, Zachary J. Roberts, Robert E. Hawkins, and Amod A. Sarnaik

Potent T‑Cell Costimulation Mediated by a Novel Costimulatory Antigen Receptor (CoStAR) With Dual CD28/CD40 Signaling Domains to Improve Adoptive Cell Therapies

Martina Sykorova, Leyuan Bao, Cynthia Chauvin‑Fleurence, Milena Kalaitsidou, Michelle Le Brocq, Robert E. Hawkins, Gray Kueberuwa, John S. Bridgeman, and Rubén Alvarez-Rodríguez

Costimulatory Antigen Receptor (CoStAR): A Novel Platform That Enhances the Activity
of Tumor‑Infiltrating Lymphocytes

Sujita Sukumaran, Milena Kalaitsidou, Michelle Mojadidi, Clare Yarka, Yong (Stella) Ouyang, Eric Gschweng, Gray Kueberuwa, John S. Bridgeman, Robert E. Hawkins, and Rubén Alvarez-Rodríguez

unTIL cancer is cured